Hits from Building 429 and Ledger

Songs from Building 429 and Ledger

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    This is a great opportunity to purchase hits from two great Christian Rock artists.

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    CATALOG: This is the writers share of hits from Christian bands Building 429 and Ledger



     LAST 12 MONTHS REVENUE: $31,954

    This is a newer catalog of three songs, two from B429 and one from Ledger.

    Building 429 is a Christian Rock band that started in 2005 and has found continued success in new album releases and touring.  Their hit “Fear No More”, listed here, reached #11 on the US Christian chart and #4 on the Christian Airplay chart. See more HERE.

    Ledger is Jen Ledger who was previously in the Christian rock band Skillet.  She released her Solo EP in 2018 and the song listed here “Completely” hit #29 on the US Christian Chart. See more HERE.

    This catalog comprises three songs, two from Building 429, “Fear No More” and “Blessing I Can’t See” and one song from Ledger “Completely”.  The songs were released in March and April of 2019 with the last song released in August of 2019.  So we have seen the peak for both “Fear No More: and “Completely” while “Blessing I Can’t See” is probably hitting its peak this last quarter.

    “Fear No More” has seen pretty consistent Radio play which has been the primary income stream but we can see that all streams are still trending down.  You can expect that these streams will continue to decline over the next several quarters as they move toward flatline.

    “Blessing I Can’t See” is either hitting or about to hit its peak. It is not as popular as “Fear No More” as you can see in the reduced radio volume but it is peaking at about the same level on Sirirs and surpassed the maximum revenue on Pandora at $105 compared to $69 with “Fear No More”. So Internet Radio has this song in higher rotation than it did with the other song.

    “Completely” is a bit more interesting.  It has a larger International income because she is British and the song has still been getting solid radio play, although declining still.  The interesting data is how the payouts for Radio play can vary from quarter to quarter.  We have a range in Q2 from $4.62 per play to $.02.  This drops to a max of $3.19 in Q3 and then in Q4 we see a huge jump to $8.18.  This is a bit of a black box for PRO’s on how they do these payouts, but we can still see solid airplay that we anticipate to continue to decline until flatline.


    These are good Christian Rock songs that will have long lives in streaming.  The key is evaluating the right price for your investment as these songs are still new and have not hit flat line yet.  But the artists are strong, especially Building 429 and Ledger looks like she is off to a great start with her Solo album.

    YouTube Videos:

    Fear No More https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvzhChnHWYo

    Blessing I Can’t See https://youtu.be/slaa_nik9G8

    Completely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyFnrjC40Lo

    Stats on Building 429

    Stats on Ledger