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    This is a great mix of new and older songs by Money Man and more.

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    CATALOG: This is the BMI writer’s and publisher’s share of John Carrington’s catalog that includes songs performed by Money Man, YNW Melly, Skippa Da Flippa and more.



     LAST 12 MONTHS REVENUE: $27,659

    This is a great mix of older Hip Hop/Rap along with a new album from Money Man “Paranoia” and single “Dreka” from Kevin Gates.

    The income has been pretty stable over the last three years because of new releases in 2018 and then the release of Money Man’s new album in 2020.

    You can see in this three-year view, by song, that there were only three songs pre 2017 that are in the top 12.  New songs are layered in from 2017 to 2018, with nothing in 2019,  and then the new album by Money Man and the single Dreka in 2020. These are the top 12 songs from 2019 Q4, as I wanted to separate the older songs from the new ones so you could analyze the degradation of these separately from the new songs.

    The degradation, or decline, in these songs, are still occurring, but at a much lower rate than we have seen with other catalogs.  This could be because Money Man is still releasing new material but it could also be because none of these songs were major hits.  Because they are not major hits, the degradations seem to be much smaller over time which is great from an investment perspective.

    This slow degradation over time could be great for the newer songs coming in on the chart below because the drop off could be less which would mean these income levels could stay higher than normal over the next three years.

    At the end of 2019, the top 12 songs represented 74% of the income and in 2020, with the addition of the new songs above, it drops to 45% with the new songs representing 35% of the total income.  Even with the new songs added this is a good spread to reduce risk overall in having a large spread of songs.  The top song is only 10% of the overall income and it drops quickly to 3% after the top 4 songs.

    Money Man is the largest artist by far as a percentage of income on this catalog. He has a great following with 5.4M monthly listeners on Spotify.

    In this ARTICLE at

    Money Man’s back with his latest project, the long-awaited Paranoia. The rapper’s dished out a ton of singles off of the project for the past few weeks including “Way It Is,” “Money Man Perry,” and “ATM.” Paranoia has 25 tracks with a running time over an hour and two minutes. Although he holds down the entirety of the project on his own, he recruits Guap Tarantino, Young Mal, and Lil Gotit for some assistance.

    So the outlook for this new album is solid, maybe not for increasing the overall revenue, but again for not having a huge dropoff in the following quarters.

    Income by type is very stable with no anomalies by providers.


    This is a solid catalog that enjoys the stability of not having huge hits that can affect income substantially to the downside.  There is a definite risk in that the older songs overall will still see some more degradation over time and the new Album and Single, are well, brand new, so they will definitely see more substantial degradation over the next year or two.

    If you buy this catalog at the right multiple, then this should continue to generate a good return for years to come.

    Detailed Data HERE.

    Top Songs
    Song Album Release Artist YouTube Link
    EXOTIC Long Money Apr-18 Money Man 
    BOSS UP Black Circle Jul-16 Money Man
    TRYIN ME Black Circle 2 Jan-16 Money Man
    I AM YOU I Am You Aug-18 YNW Melly
    SWERVIN DOWN Single Jun-16 Skippa Da Flippa ft. Quavo
    MAN OF THE YEAR I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In Dec-13 Rich Homie Quan
    Top New Songs
    Song Album Release Artist YouTube Link
    Dreka Dreka Feb-20 Kevin Gates
    ATM Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man
    Same Way Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man
    GET OUT MORE Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man
    TEMPTING Black Circle 2 Jan-16 Money Man
    RESIDENT EVIL Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man
    MY SOUL Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man
    HURT TO MUCH Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man
    NOTHING TO LOSE Black Circle 2 Jan-16 Money Man
    WESTBROOK Paranoia Apr-19 Money Man