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    This is a great set of masters from Hip Hop artist Antwon.

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    CATALOG: This catalog is the complete master ownership of Antwon’s albums Life in Exile and Sunnyvale Gardens, as well as singles Dmt, Fnf, Keep It Low, Once of It, Perry Jules, Reign in England, Satellite, Tonka Truck and Tube Socks.




    This is an excellent catalog of masters from a prolific Hip Hop artist Antwon who started his career with his first album in 2011. This catalog includes his last two albums and several singles.  The Life in Exile album was just released in May of 2020 and we only have one month of data so the potential for an increase is revenue is high.

    About Antwon

    Born in Key West, Florida to an African-American father and a Filipino mother, Antwon grew up in Sunnyvale, California. He was a member of the Philadelphia-based hardcore band Leather, as well as the pop punk bands Sour Patch and How to: Summer.

    Antwon’s first mixtape, Fantasy Beds, was released in 2011. In that year, he also released My Westside Horizon.

    In 2012, Antwon released a mixtape, End of Earth. SF Weekly included it on the “10 Best Bay Area Hip-Hop Records of 2012” list. In 2013, he released a mixtape, In Dark Denim. It was listed as Spin’s “Rap Release of the Week”.

    His first official studio album, Heavy Hearted in Doldrums, was released on UNIF and Nature World in 2014. In 2016, he released an EP, Double Ecstasy, on Anticon. In 2017, he released a mixtape, Sunnyvale Gardens. Red Bull placed it at number 20 on the “20 Best Hip-Hop Mixtapes of 2017” list.


    This catalog has had a very consistent income over the last three years with 99% of the income coming from the Sunnyvale Gardens album which was released in 2017.  The bump in income in November of this year is from two releases Fnf and Reign in England and the final bump is from the new album Life in Exile which we only have one month reporting so far.

    Antwon has a solid following on Spotify and continues to grow his base of followers which is probably due to the release of the album.

    If we look at the individual song data we can see that Visine represents the majority of the revenue with the other tracks off that album rounding out another three of the top songs while the newer tracks released in November and then the new album are increasing the revenue overall which reduces the percentage of the top song.

    Conclusion and Risk

    This is a great legacy catalog with additional upside from the new releases in November and album in May.  The revenue has been flat for the former album since 2017 and Antwon is still very active in releasing music and you can see the continued increase in Spotify listeners so he continues to engage a new audience.

    The risk here is rather low because of the large percentage of income coming from the 2017 release which has flat lined and the new albums only add more potential upside.

    You will have the opportunity to keep the masters at TuneCore to make this a totally painless transaction or you could move them to your own distribution platform.