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    This catalog includes a group of 3 artists that were developed for Toma 2 records over the last 2 years, achieving solid stability across digital platforms, especially on Spotify where some tracks where featured in editorial playlists.

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      CATALOG: This catalog includes a group of 3 artists that were developed by Toma 2 records over the last 2 years, achieving solid stability across digital platforms, especially on Spotify where some tracks were featured in editorial playlists.




      Reggaeton Acústico: this is a group of musicians from different countries in Latin America that VIEL put together to do what they like the most: create acoustic versions of the most famous Latin genre that is taking the world, Reggaeton. These versions bring a very special vibe for a pleasant hearing, sometimes melancholic but without losing the characteristics of the rhythm and melody, and keeping all its sensuality. This collection of hits includes covers of artists like Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Maluma, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and many others.

      Reggaeton Acústico has 23,114 Active Listeners on Spotify. CLICK HERE for Spotify Profile

      Rebeca Luna: This Chilean singer performs acoustic versions of Latin songs and has been very well received by the digital music community, being featured in Spotify Editorial Playlist and Diskover playlists, with thousands of listeners. Most of the Latin popular songs are performed by male artists and Rebeca brings a different approach with her mellow vocals and smooth performance.

      Rebeca Luna has 13,089 Active Listeners on Spotify. CLICK HERE for Spotify Profile

      Reed Adams: This young pianist with a lots of interest in exploring different versions for popular songs has made more than 120 titles, where it could be found covers of Ariana Grande, Latin artists like Danny Ocean of J Balvin, plus a collection of Christmas piano covers, very popular during holidays.

      This group of artists have more than 5,5Million streams in Spotify since their debut in October 2017.

      Looking at the overall chart, we can see overall revenue is flat. This is based on eight months of data which is all we have.

      If we look at the top songs, they were all released in either March or June of 2018, so although we have a small sample of data, this is already two years plus post-release which still shows steady revenue.

      There is a good mix of revenue here with the top two songs making 11% each and the rest making 71% of the revenue. This reduces the risk by having a large group of songs producing such a large part of the revenue.

      Song Title Artist Release Link to Song
      Dembow Acoustic Version Rebeca Luna Mar 2018
      Bailame Reggaeton Acústico Jun 2018
      Perro Fiel Reggaeton Acústico Jun 2018
      Escápate Conmigo Reggaeton Acústico Jun 2018

      Drilling down into the artists themselves we see that Reggaeton and Rebeca Luna represent 78% of the revenue. Manila Sounds is also showing a small increase in revenue. They represent Karaoke instrumentals so we can’t track exactly why there is an increase because these are older songs. It could be because of the use of apps like Tik Toc but this is mostly revenue from YouTube.

      Reggaeton continues to release songs and both, including Rebecca Luna are scheduled to release new material this year. While nothing is guaranteed, if there are new releases, they should have a positive impact on keeping listeners engaged on Spotify.

      This leads us to where the income is coming from.

      Spotify represents 79% of the income. The best metric for understanding the strength of the continuing income is to look at the number of active listeners on the top two artists which you can check anytime directly on Spotify.


      Monthly Listeners on Spotify

      Link to Spotify  
      Rebeca Luna                       13,089  
      Reggaeton Acústico                       23,114  

      Currently, Reggaeton has 23K actively monthly listeners with Rebeca at 13K. So there is a great active base of listeners that continue to listen to both artists. Probably they already have them locked into playlists that will continue to provide long term streaming.


      This is a complex catalog which doesn’t mean an increased risk, it just means you have multiple parts to look at in order to put the correct story together. The income mostly comes from Spotify, so a big indicator is the number of monthly listeners and will it continue to stay the same, grow or fall off.

      If the artists put out new material, then there is a good chance it will continue to engage listeners but not necessarily grow the revenue. It could definitely keep it from falling though.

      There is good mix of music so that there isn’t a huge risk of downside there and the top songs are not big hits either, so the risk of continuing to drop is also reduced.

      Link to detailed data.