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    This is the catalog of BMI performance royalties from music producer Buck Nasty which includes the top single "Hit the Quan" and "Lean And Dabb" from iLoveMemphis.

    "Hit the Quan" was the debut single by American rapper iLoveMemphis. This song is based on a dance that was first made popular by American rapper Rich Homie Quan. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.  It has over 54m views on VEVO and continues ongoing success by being played at sports events and more.

    "Lean and Dabb" was the second release and, although not as big as "Hit the Quan" it has garnered over 9m views on Vevo.

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    Type: Music Catalog

    Last Quarter Royalties:  $3,745

    Average Yearly Royalties: $14,980 *based on last quarters royalties

    Paid by: BMI

    What is being Sold: 100% of writers share

    This is a catalog where the primary income (96%) comes from two singles off the debut album from iLoveMemphis.  These are not normal radio hit songs, they both involve a specific dance which you can see from the videos here. Hit the Quan and Lean and Dabb

    This can potentially increase the longevity of a song because sometimes these dances continue on way past the normal life of a pop or R&B song.  It is too early in these songs life cycles to see if they fit that model since they were released in 2015.  We do see that many sports teams have been playing this song at games and events.

    The chart above shows the earnings since the launch of the album. You can see the spike and then decline over time. These songs are not in flatline yet, which means they have hit some kind of stable bottom, so expect the next quarter to see another decline. There is no real way to predict when it will hit flatline, next quarter, or four quarters or more.

    The chart above just breaks out the same revenue chart over time so you can see the top two songs broken out with the rest of the catalog.

    The above chart is broken into two because of the scale difference between Youtube and Pandora compared to the rest of the streaming services.  Notice the slow decline although you can see that things are definitely flattening out, especially Pandora.

    The above two charts show the breakdown of revenue by category for the life of the catalog, top chart, and the last 12 months, bottom chart.You can see that while the other revenue continues to fall streaming represents the largest portion.  The TV revenue seems to be cyclical as well, with the majority being paid every other quarter.

    The chart below is a full breakdown of the revenue by song.  If you are interested in downloading the full spreadsheet, please email to request the full copy.

    Summary – This is a very narrow catalog with two main songs from one artist.  It has not hit flatline yet so it is unknown how much further the revenue will drop. The good news is that this is not a normal radio song because of the dance aspect of it that could potentially keep the song alive longer.