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    This is an opportunity to own the production music catalog of Sean Hurwitz.

    Sean is a multi-talented musician, producer and song writer. You can visit his website HERE. Originally from Israel where he started as a session guitarist and sound engineer, he worked with all the top artists. This inspired him to reach for even greater heights in the international music scene.

    Sean paid his dues and worked his way up the LA music scene while playing with many unsigned solo artists & bands. It was during this time that Sean would meet his good friend and drummer Randy Cooke, who would eventually help him get his first signed artist gig with Singer Songwriter Anna Nalick. Hurwitz then joined Nalick on the road while she promoted her second Studio Album "Shine". Over the years, Sean has also had the pleasure of sharing both stage and studio with many artists including Enrique Iglesias, Smash Mouth, Gin Blossoms, Chris Wallace, and many more. In addition to being a live musician, Hurwitz has also written, produced & recorded hundreds of songs (since 2007) that are licensed to TV, Film and Radio world wide.

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    Type: Production Music (Used in TV and Movies)

    Average Last Two-Quarter Royalties: $1,275 

    Average Yearly Royalties: $5,030

    Paid by: BMI

    What is being Sold: 100% of writers share and writers publisher share

    This is a broad catalog of production music that spans sports, reality TV and movies.  The average revenue over the last two quarters is $1,275, and looking at the chart below it would appear that the royalties are trending down. Looking at only the income, that is true, but if you look at the second chart, we have removed the spikes in the income from various one time sources, and you see a different picture, where it is actually very flat over the last 6 quarters.

    Next, we will look at a summary of where the income is coming from.

    In the chart below we see the top 13 income producing songs/groups which have some important information to consider.

    • The largest individual show/movie contributor represents 12% of the income and the rest is 5% and less, so there is no reliance on one or two shows for income
    • The other top two sources (54%) are the most diverse, one being all of the international income and the other being the rest of the catalog not in the top 13
    • This again shows a good diversity of income, you don’t want to see a reliance on just a few songs as that increases risk
    • The top show is an infomercial for Profemin. The product was launched in 2014 and continues to air infomercials today
    • The rest of the top 13 includes some sports programs, reality TV and news shows. There are some new shows as well that could continue to be picked up


    The next chart is probably the most important.  It shows how active the catalog is.  With any production music catalog, you want to make sure that the songs continue to be used in new shows, which means it is actively being pitched.  This is key to ensure that there will be a long life of continuous royalties.  Additionally, you will want to look at what kind of net new revenue those shows are adding.  You will always be dropping songs each quarter and you will want to make sure that new income balances out the lost income.

    In the chart you can see that over the last four quarters the net new shows rose from 17 to 26 and the income for the last quarter on those new shows was the highest of all at $247.  This shows that the catalog is continuing to be pushed for new shows and that the income is actually increasing.

    Additional Information:

    • All of these royalties are paid out by BMI
    • You can download all of the detail data by CLICKING HERE